Invasion Evasion - The Game

Invasion Evasion is a party game built for 4 or more players who must work together - without trusting each other. The Humans are trying to gather the necessary pieces to mass produce a cure for the rampant alien parasite that has infiltrated our dear planet. Meanwhile, the Aliens are attempting to build a doomsday device that will destroy humanity as we know it.

Each player receives a secret role and either works with the Humans to mass produce a cure or joins the Aliens in the construction of a Doomsday Device. The fate of the world hangs in the balance.

The Premise

The invasion has begun! Flying saucers are abducting innocent people off the streets and returning them corrupted and changed. It has become impossible to tell apart harmless civilians from vile alien scum.

Deep inside of an underground bunker is a team of humans trying desperately to stop the attacks. They have developed a cure to the alien parasite to transform humans back to normal, but are unable to mass produce it. As they try to gather the supplies necessary to save the planet, it becomes clear that some among them cannot be trusted… and have more nefarious plans in mind.

Team Planet Earth

In order to save the planet, Human Beings must collect one of each Humanity Card: Alien Specimen, Chemical Stockroom, and Medical Laboratory. With these three things combined, the humans have all the necessary components to mass produce a curefor the Alien parasite taking over the minds of innocent people and SAVE THE WORLD!

Team Alien Invader

The Humans are catching on that they may not be alone in this universe. Those foolish Humans think they can stop the invasion with their silly “Cures”. They must all be eliminated. The Alien Invaders are collecting pieces for their Doomsday Device:Quantum Reactor, Black Hole Bomb, and a Perpetual Motion Drive. With these three things combined, the aliens have all the necessary components to finally build their Doomsday Device and DESTROY ALL HUMANS!