Invasion Evasion


We are Scatterbrained Creations


We create games. We create art. We create books.

Scatterbrained Creations is a partnership that has been in the making since 2014. Scatterbrained is making it's official debut into the world with the introduction of a party game for humanoids, Invasion Evasion. Founded by the lovely Emily and Kyle, Scatterbrained Creations has been hard at work creating niche products for people who like games, people who like books (adults and children), and people who like art (everyone).

Really, here at Scatterbrained Creations, we love to create. And we want to share our creations with you. Yes, you. We are addressing the individual specifically reading this page. You seem like the type.


Kyle Courtemanche

Mathematician / Educator / Game Designer / Photographer / Magician / Writer

Emily Chubet

Illustrator / Graphic Artist / Game Designer / Writer / Origami Specialist


Invasion Evasion is a party game built for 4 or more players who must work together - without trusting each other. The Humans are trying to gather the necessary pieces to mass produce a cure for the rampant alien parasite that has infiltrated our dear planet. Meanwhile, the Aliens are attempting to build a doomsday device that will destroy humanity as we know it.

Each player receives a secret role and either works with the Humans to mass produce a cure or joins the Aliens in the construction of a Doomsday Device. The fate of the world hangs in the balance.


Grumpy learns the importance of friendship in a humorous giraffe adventure. A Grumpy Situation is a children's book I wrote and illustrated about a disgruntled giraffe who is on the verge of losing his friends because he is mean to everyone. Grumpy's attitude is similar to that of a stubborn child and is a relatable character since we have all been in a bad mood at some point in our lives, but we learn that it is better to be nice to people than let our negative emotions control us. The story is humorous, lighthearted, and full of surprises.